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Young Dre D - Troubled Mind Vinyl

Image of Young Dre D - Troubled Mind Vinyl
Coming soon

Pre-order starts 15th February! Young Dre D - Troubled Mind 1st time on Vinyl Exclusiv.
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Vinyl comes from the top not the side like usuall!
100x White Orange Cloud LP
150x Black LP


A1 Beware Of Da Kreep
A2 Dirt By My Lonely
A3 Sucka Free
A4 Battle Field

B1 Slangin' Area
B2 Feel The Power
B3 Same Ass N-gga
B4 Rise & Fall

C1 Troubled Mind
C2 You Don't Wont None A Dis
C3 So Much Madness

D1 My Pistola
D2 Meat Rack
D3 Thrill Kill
D4 Gimme The Kat