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Ray Luv - Forever Hustlin' Vinyl

Image of Ray Luv - Forever Hustlin' Vinyl

Smoke On Records straight lovin the game and presents the playa Ray Luv - Forever Hustlin' with the finest production from Khayree on black Vinyl limited to 250x numbered. And 250x Vinyl on color "Hustlin Red Edition" available at Northcyde Vinyl.
It's on, ready to ship and willin to make a killin!

-Poster 30x60cm
-Credit sheet
-Sealed bag
-numbered sticker


Side A
01. Intro
02. Forever Hustlin‘
03. Tha Factor
04. Bubble
05. In The Game

Side B
01. Keep Ya Mask On
02. I’d Rather Be A Pimp
03. Definition Of Ah Hustla
04. We Do This Everyday
05. Ride With The Luvva Man

Side C
01. 24k
02. What U In It 4
03. Still Smokin‘ Indo
04. Stormy Weather

Side D
01. Luv From Ah „G“
02. Last Nite
03. Cage Bird
04. The Hunted (Bonus)