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Millenium - Kaos Theory / Most Thorough Vinyl

Image of Millenium - Kaos Theory / Most Thorough Vinyl

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MILLENIUM - Kaos Theory + Bonus Album Most Thorough (2LP)
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-2x LP's color black
-credit sheet
-plastic jacket for protection of cover


A1 Intro
A2 Kaos Theory
A3 Run Run Run
A4 Fantasia
A5 She's Leaving With Me
A6 How Far Will You Go
A7 The Remedy

B1 Interlude
B2 Gunpoint
B3 All Up In The Game
B4 Wish You Was Here
B5 Everclear
B6 Street Wars
B7 Ga-mingh Technique

C1 Love
C2 Too Hot
C3 Trust No 1
C4 Respect My Shit
C5 No Retreat No Surrender
C6 Gangsta Gangsta
C7 3 In The Morning w DC Scorpio

D1 Honorable Mention
D2 Lust
D3 Broke Nigga
D4 Too Hot The Sequel
D5 She's Leaving (RMX)
D6 U Think I Dont Know
D7 Most Thorough
D8 Out

Check out the snippet: Check out the video: How Far Will You Go