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Gore Elohim - Electric Lucifer (The Green Vinyl Cult Edition)

Image of Gore Elohim - Electric Lucifer (The Green Vinyl Cult Edition)
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Finally for the 1st time on Vinyl - Electric Lucifer
strongly limited to 500 numbered!
Shipping NOW!

-2x LP's color Green
-credit sheet
-plastic jacket for protection of cover

A1. Progress
A2. Kill for Hashem
A3. Skeptics Apocalypse
A4. Last Days of Humanity
A5. Children of Doom Feat: Red Eye, Born Unique & Venom

B1. Lord of Plagues
B2. Food Embassy
B3. The Essence of Putrescence
B4. Inverted Churches Feat: Jak Tripper
B5. Ordination for Exorcism
B6. Iron Baphomet Feat: Young Dirty Bastard

C1. Late for an Early Grave
C2. Crisis
C3. Electric Lucifer
C4. Poison the City
C5. Goretorium

D1. Videotapes Feat: Jak Tripper
D2. Ritual Abuse
D3. Brown Bunny
D4. Spiritual Harassment Feat: Tragedy Khadafi
D5. The Dream is Dead Feat: Young Dirty Bastard

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